We Offer Fertilizer Application!

We also offer fertilizer and Lime buggy rentals for those customers who like to do it themselves.

We offer the following fertilizers in 50# bags

a.       13-13-13

b.      21-7-14 Professional Fertilizer with Iron and Trace Elements

c.       17-17-17

d.      46-0-0

e.      8-8-8

f.        8-24-24

g.       10-20-10

h.      0-0-60

fertilizer buggy

We carry a couple of water-soluble fertilizers.

Mojo Liquid Lime http://www.grasshopperfertilizer.com/

Grasshopper 19-19-19  http://www.grasshopperfertilizer.com/grasshopper-foliar-fertilizer-19-19-19